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Flooring Showroom in Berlin Township, NJ

As a contractor, or even a weekend remodeler, you know the importance of diversity and flexibility when it comes to stocking up on materials. Our team believes our clients, as well as their clients, deserve quality flooring materials that don’t force them to choose between price and aesthetics. However, we also know that securing affordable flooring can be challenging for even the most resourceful project managers.

Our company grants remodeling and renovating enthusiasts exclusive access to an unparalleled selection of materials. In the past only available to national flooring contractors, our stunning stock floor products deliver great quality at the low market prices. If you're a professional, ask how you can become a ProSource Member. You'll enjoy special access to lots of other great benefits.

As your friendly local wholesale place for affordable flooring, our company is proud to offer both professionals and non-professionals an easy and comprehensive shopping experience. You don't have to waste time visiting showrooms throughout town to find the diverse selection of materials you need. Come explore our selection of flooring products. We stock every popular material, including carpet, hardwood, tile, and vinyl.

Even if you don't have a specific plan in mind, feel free to visit our flooring specialists to talk your ideas over with our trained showroom team. With more than 100 combined years of residential and commercial project experience, we have the skills needed to recommend a smart and affordable course of action for professionals and hobbyists alike.

When you’re looking to increase the value of your property, there’s no better flooring choice than natural hardwood. As a wholesale flooring provider, we offer a full range of affordable, high-quality hardwood floors that are suitable for virtually any room of your house. 

Whether you use wood, tile, carpet or any other material in your dining room, living room, bedrooms, or kitchen, you’re sure to love the appearance and performance of any selection from our stunning collections. Best of all, you don’t have to pay the outrageous marked-up prices that other flooring stores  charge because we offer all our stock at wholesale prices.

Our veteran flooring company is knowledgeable about the part prices play in an independent contractor's livelihood. It can be difficult to shop for the products you want when your clients are looking for something special, and depending on their preferences, you may face some challenges in finding a large selection with low prices. That's why our specialists never affix markups or add-ons to your final price. What you see is what you get - every time.

Buying wholesale flooring is a smart move for anyone coordinating a reflooring project. There's no reason to pay more for retail flooring when you can simply visit our wholesale flooring showroom. You'll save money and enjoy greater flexibility in your budget, enabling you to take your dollar even further.

For contractors or trade professional clients who prefer the appearance of natural flooring but are hesitant to invest so much money, we offer a full range of even more inexpensive flooring options. From vinyl to linoleum and resilient flooring, we offer a wide variety of high-quality yet inexpensive flooring options for any room of the house. Our showroom staff is always here to answer any questions you may have regarding our selection. 

Vinyl, laminates, and even engineered wood flooring offer a great alternative for people suffering from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues because they resist dust, dirt, and animal dander. Simple sweeping and mopping periodically is enough to prevent dust from building up and irritating your lungs. Choose these affordable flooring options if you or a family member have allergies or asthma.

Flooring Options for Every Room of Your House

Whether you need kitchen flooring or carpeting for your living and bedrooms, we have it all at outstanding prices. Unlike other flooring stores, we don’t drastically mark up our prices to make a huge profit. We offer all our flooring materials at wholesale prices, so you’re able to save tons of money whether you’re an amateur flooring installer or a professional trade worker. 

We carry flooring suitable for every room in the house. From carpet to tile, we’re sure to have something that suits your project perfectly, so be sure to ask our showroom staff for advice or assistance at any time. Some of the flooring materials we carry include: 

Contact our flooring showroom to learn more about our diverse stock of products. We're proud to collaborate with professionals and families alike in Berlin Township, Hartford, West Hartford, Avon, and Glastonbury, New Jersey.

Showroom Gallery

Find inspiration from hundreds of projects completed by our trade professional members, meet the project team and recreate the look for your own space.

Prefer to see products firsthand? Visit our showroom today or call us at 856-481-2315.